Hawaii Volcanoes Treehouse Rental

Coming to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park for adventure and fun? Take it to the next level and stay in a world class TREEHOUSE!

Are you ready for a rare opportunity to live and sleep in a living, environmental sculpture? Here is a genuine treehouse, built 20-ft. up, integrated into 3 living ohia trees and hidden away on four quiet acres of pristine, native Hawaiian rain forest!

This world-class treehouse has huge windows and decks all around for spectacular 360-degree nature viewing.  Commune with birds and other tree creatures on their level. If you want to be outdoors, a unique skywalk and deck stretches out into a forest canopy of giant tree ferns. 

In the evening, climb a spiral staircase with artful railings made of branches of the actual support trees to the huge loft bedroom - with it's own private, covered deck. Sleep even higher up on a queen-sized, raised bed, washed in moonlight under star-studded skies. And if you're lucky, you might even get to see the red glow of the active pu'u o'o crater in the east. There's also a cozy full-size, floor-level bed tucked underneath the raised bed for extra people.

This  two-story, multi-level treehouse has all the comforts of home, including electricity, plumbing, hot-shower, full kitchen, TV/DVD and stereo. A wood-burning fireplace at table level in the living room provides comforting warmth and romantic ambiance.

This is the perfect upscale-rustic place to stay if you're the creative, fun-loving and/or adventurous type. The owner sensitively hand-built the treehouse in the most non-invasive, environmentally friendly manner possible. No trees were sacrificed in the process and all the windows, doors, sinks, toilet and shower were recycled and reconditioned. It's non-HomeDepot and a wonderful example of green building and living.

The treehouse is located close to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and Volcano Village artist colony.

"As a volcano enthusiast living in the area for 20 years, I've been able to follow the life of the active pu-u o'o vent from it's first fountaining to present day.  I came so many times from Oahu to see the volcano, i decided to live here. I was lucky enough to realize it's power and have succumbed to it's attraction over the years, experiencing many of its phases up close.  I continue to trek to wherever the lava is flowing and chase the thrill. To have been a witness of the life of a volcanic vent is a special  part of my life. As a "kid from Jersey",  I could never have guessed I'd one day have such a close relationship with a volcano.  The tree-ferns and the forest became important for my new enthusiasm of treehouse building and living. This treehouse is number two of three I've built, and after years of enjoyable living, I decided to share it with other connoisseurs of adventurous accommodations. "

Skye, the Treehouse guy


$350/night, 2-night min. (double-occupancy) 

Price includes coffee+teas and fixings and fireplace logs.

 There is a $75 one time cleaning charge for all reservations.

$25/extra person [6 person max.] Children must be at least age 6

Reservation process: Email me to confirm that your desired dates are available.


Contact information:

Skye at:   skye@volcanotreehouse.net or 808-936-9392


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